Thursday, September 23, 2010

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Welcome. I have created this page from a number of entrepreneurial events. It's after a turn of event s that I remain passionate about being an entrepreneur, but at the same time I will not encourage others to dive into it. I took a dive into self employment with the encouragement of my father. It was great to have someone who worked 3-4 jobs at a time cheer me to keep doing what I was doing. As he saw it, I was controlling my destiny.

For ten years of working for myself, it was all I knew. I made weekly deposits and kept what I needed. The deposits were all savings. I hadn't applied for any credit cards and bought any and everything I ever wanted and that I wanted to share. Next, I wanted to purchase a home. I was young and no established credit, but a nice savings in the bank to make my mortgage payments less than $600. a month. (1985)

The loan officer said I needed to have a job to purchase the home and work for at least 2 years. There I went to the work force and became an employee for 6 years. Before I resigned I spent over $17,000 of my savings, never bought the house and seemed like my age had doubled. I was not happy and I didn't understand the concept of paying to go to work "a good government job."

Starting all over I this time with a partner. We both invested $2,500 into our business which went on to last 18 years until the economy hit us hard and suddenly. I was introduced to MLM (multi-level marketing) which I had no clue because no one had ever introduced me. I was caught at a vulnerable time in my business. Which I can strongly admit if you have worked independently or with just one partner for 30 years, how would you know about working with a team of people.

It is great to have the qualities of a leader, but being able to make that same quality in others becomes trickery. I believe you will have to be a persuader of people mind to change them. For this reason is why the majority of people think that MLM is a pyramid. If you are tricked into it and not trained in how to successfully prosper, it looks like you failed. If you are truly that person who wants to win, seeking answers will become your goal and winning will follow. Failure is the stepping stone to success, giving up is the failure. No doctor becomes a doctor in 3months or without training. Most jobs give you a probation period in which they are training you and for many jobs are 60-90 days.

From this point I have learned so much value in developing real opportunity to prosper.
1) Keep your doing what you are currently doing for income. Just let starting any business you will need to pay an enrollment fee.
2) With being invested you have a monthly fee that is so much lower than maintaining a start up new business. Once you have your MLM running you can sponsor another business with your profit
3) That training takes time. Don't expect to be like the ones who have been in this for a while that can now show you there sacrifice has paid off.
4) Sacrifice for your monthly fee in exchange for things which are at the bottom of your list such as:
movies, finger nails, dining out, cleaning bill, a hair do or two. Something like that.
5) Know that you represent the product and people see you before they see the product.

Im here to share and consult with you many ways of growing without making your wage painful!

Pamela Miller
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